Ease of Use

Simple YAML configuration stores the keymap.
Simply edit and load the file to change keymaps.
No more firmware reflashing or repairing bricked keyboards.
Properly organized, legible source code.

Wireless support

Built with wireless in mind, Keyplus supports wireless splits, wired splits, and any imaginable mix of both.
Logitech Unifying receiver support allows running your mouse and keyboard on a single dongle.

Keyplus Mini

The Keyplus Mini is a tiny, versatile Keyplus-native device, featuring row/column labeling, USB Type C, and a connection for a battery.
The perfect companion for testing and production level boards.

Get keyplus today.

The keyplus GitHub page has all the information you need to get started. If you have a keyplus mini, you can jump right in. Otherwise, check out the supported hardware list to see if you have a compatible device.